About Us

Tonya’s close care and attention to her herds produce tender, perfectly marbled, flavorful steak. Marbling is the number one factor for flavor and tenderness, it gives a rich, buttery flavor and keeps your steak tender. The cattle on Huwa ranch are pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grain-finished, and are not given any hormones or steroids. Our Prime Black Angus is dry aged for 28 days to intensify the flavor and increase tenderness, and once you taste it you won’t want anything else.

While we value our traditions and experience in ranching, we have embraced advances in the field to improve our practices and our ability to raise the highest quality herd of Registered Angus cattle. We are one of the few ranches doing 100% DNA testing to ensure maximum flavor and marbling, and we continue to develop our understanding of how to ensure our beef tastes the best. Using only superior and reliable genetics in our herd, we’re able to breed for multi-trait excellence and consistently produce the highest quality cuts. Only 7% of all beef produced in the country is rated Prime, and we’re proud that Huwa beef is consistently eight to ten times higher than that.

Tonya cares deeply about her ranch and her herd, and you can find her out there every day. Her cattle have large pastures where they can graze and roam, and she and her team check them daily for any sickness or injuries so they can get the care they need. Tonya’s operation is unique in the industry, as they maintain traceability and sustainability, and her herd is with her from the day they’re born. She raises her family where she raises her herd, and her personal touch and sincere dedication make our Prime Black Angus the highest quality available.